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My experiences at OYO opening concert
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My experiences at OYO opening concert

     On 11/5/11 I attended a wonderful season opening concert of the Oakland Youth Orchestra at the Del Valle Clubhouse in Roosmoor.  Being an alumni of the youth orchestra 1975 - 1977, an ex - board member (2005 - 2008) and now serving on the advisory board, I have a special affinity for the organization.  Over the past several years I have had many students from the Academy playing in OYO, this year's members being Sean Mooney,Lisa Chang and Lanvi Lu who is serving as co - principal cello.  They all looked good and played admirably.  The concert was directed by principal conductor Bryan Nies and consisted of "Othello" by Dvorak, Dance Bacchanale from Samson et Dalila by Saint Saens and Variations on an Original Theme ('Enigma') by Elgar.  These are some of my favorite pieces of music. It was also good to see the associate conductor John Kendall Bailey who I hadn't seen in a few years since he stopped singing in the choir at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette where I perform "Kol Nidrei" every year for Yom Kippur services.  I was also greeted by general manager Gail Edwards who was a colleague of mine many times when I used to play the freeway philharmonic.  Also, violinist James Greening who I played several chamber concerts with in the early 1990's was there.  A little information was exchanged about what each of us are doing and I told him to give me a call to catch up.  I love my profession! 
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