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For years Dawn has been using techniques she developed to teach Vibrato to her students. After a while her colleagues and friends started referring their students to her. Upon monitoring their students progress they proclaimed Dawn 'The Vibrato Doctor' because of her ability to teach so skillfully the unique technique of Vibrato.
Dawn has developed a course that every cellist can use and benefit from in one way or another. Whether you take the series of private lessons or the summer group classes, the class is designed for the cellist using vibrato for the very first time or the cellist who has developed some type of inconsistency or recessive control behavior that inhibits their expressive abilities.  It is also good for the cellist who wants to gain more control so they may change the speed of their vibrato at will.  Gone are the days of the tense machine gun vibrato!!  Dawn's Vibrato Doctor course uses an innovative method consisting of progressive, rhythmic exercises that help you master the control needed to use vibrato expressively and appropriately.

                                      STUDENT TESTIMONIAL

Lafayette CA
I am writing to recommend the vibrato workshop that Dawn Foster-Dodson is offering to cellists.
At the suggestion of his private cello teacher, my ten-year old son, a sixth grader at The Crowden School, participated in the vibrato workshop offered by Dawn. The workshop was given in a series of six weekly, private half-hour lessons. During the lessons, Dawn gradually introduced a variety of exercises aimed at teaching proper vibrato technique and greater control over the vibrato.  In the course of the workshop, my son also worked on examples from the cello repertoire that were designed to develop his understanding of the use of varying vibrato speeds.  At the outset of the workshop, my son, otherwise a very confident cellist, was not very confident about his vibrato technique.  As a result of studying with Dawn, his vibrato technique has greatly improved and he has developed much greater control in using it. (Indeed, his bowing teacher at school noticed an improvement in his use of vibrato after his very first lesson with Dawn.) I am certain that he now has the foundation for producing a very beautiful sound.
Dawn provided patient, careful, clear and expert instruction. She has obviously given a great deal of thought to the teaching of vibrato and has succeeded in developing an effective and rewarding programI would wholeheartedly recommend the workshop to any cellists seeking to improve their vibrato.
Janet Luck


                         STUDENT TESTIMONIAL


"Vibrato beginning to sound good I think.  Doing your exercises almost every day - twice when I can.  It works :)".     

"Thanks for your support.  I hope you agree that in spite of some challenges still to be mastered - as you gently pointed out - :) - I have made some real progress using your system!".  

"3 lessons and I advanced further than 1 and a half years with %%*. Thanks so much!".    



:• One on one vibrato technique instruction
• A group of 3 (60 minute) classes spaced appropriately for   optimum practice time
• New material presented at each class
• Dawn's "Vibrato Doctor Course" workbook

It is mandatory to take all 3 classes to achieve the maximum results from the course.

                    CD'S AVAILABLE:

KOL NIDREI is an extremely beautiful piece that stands alone.  It's prayer like quality and spiritual component contributes greatly to the playing of this age-old melody on the eve of the day of atonement, when the incantation is recited in synagogues throughout the world.
Dawn is accompanied by organist Michael Secour, whom she plays with at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California and has become an integral part of the High Holy Day services for the past 18 years.
The single CD is $7.00 plus tax and shipping. Come to the Lafayette Cello Academy to purchase yours today and save on shipping and handling or email us at and include your name, address and phone number along with your CD requests and we'll be happy to mail your CD's with an invoice to you right away.

     Where can I rent or buy a nice cello                                 locally?

The Academy has access to new and used cellos for rent and for sale in the following sizes: 
1/2, 3/4 and full size.  They are good quality cellos with excellent set ups and made by well respected makers in the industry.  
                                     West Coast Strings 
                                      Eastman Strings 
                                      Century Strings 

Click on our CONTACT US page and ask for availability.

SPECIAL NOTE :  If you are thinking of renting or particulary buying a cello from a shop, private party or off the internet please contact us before doing so.  Our Director will always be available to give advise on size, quality, maker and the set up of the instrument.  These are all very important details to know particularly when buying a cello and have everything, to do with your satisfaction.    

             Where can I buy Sheet music ?

In Lafayette there is LAMORINDA MUSIC or CAMPANA 
In Oakland is BEST MUSIC 
In El Cerrito is IFSHIN VIOLINS 
In San Rafael is THE MAGIC FLUTE
On line is,,,,,, for free downloads  

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